Cypress Chase North Condominuium #3
Cypress Chase North Condominium #3
3241 NW 47th Terrace
Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33319
T: 954-278-9375

Welcome to Building #3

Thank you for visiting our website for Cypress Chase North Building #3.

CCN3 is just one of the four buildings that make up Cypress Chase North.

"The big picture"

Cypress Chase North ("CCN" for short) is a condominium community located in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida.

Collectively, four separate buildings and a central office/clubhouse make up Cypress Chase North.

The clubhouse offers amenities for parties and gatherings. It features a gym/fitness center, pool tables, meeting rooms, a sauna, and restrooms with showers.

You'll also find tennis and basketball courts and an Olympic-size swimming pool.

CCN is clean and well maintained. It's a gated community with a guarded entry and regular security patrols.

Cypress Chase North by the numbers...

Each of the four buildings contains 140 condo units. The whole community consists of 560 units.

Cypress Chase North features one- and two-bedroom apartments. A one-bedroom provides 960 square feet of living space; a two-bedroom, 1150 square feet.

For legal purposes...

CCN is composed of five associations:

  • one "umbrella" corporation known as the Property Owners Association (POA), and
  • four individual condo associations (one for each of the four buildings).

Each of the five associations is a separate corporate entity recognized under State of Florida condominium law. Each is governed by its own bylaws. Each has its own board of directors elected annually by its owner-members.

Let's focus on Building #3

Cypress Chase North Condominium No. 3 Association, Inc. is managed by five director-owners. Each currently lives in CCN3.

We are a “member-managed community.” There is no "management company."

As the CCN3 board we are proud of our prudent financial management. Why?

Our condo association operates with a balanced budget each year. The board scrupulously maintains community reserves; they have been fully funded year after year, for decades.

For example, in 2019, the CCN3 board modernized our two elevators and installed a closed circuit TV monitoring system (CCTV).

As a board we funded these "big ticket" capital improvements ENTIRELY from our reserves. We do not like to call on our members for "surprise" special assessments.

The board ensures that Cypress Chase North Building #3 remains a sound investment. Prudent financial management makes our community attractive to mortgage lenders and banks, whether you are buying or selling.

Please feel free to examine our financial statements. They are audited each year by an independent Certified Public Account.

Strictly speaking...

The information in this website ( pertains to Building #3 -- not to the Property Owners Association, and not to Buildings #1, #2 and #4.

If you need information from the POA or other buildings, please contact these associations directly.

A friendly invitation

At Cypress Chase North, we look forward to welcoming you to our community. Come soon!